MD60HP/1"BR/220V  Electric Hand Polisher (220-Volt )
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Part No. MD60HP/1"BR/220V) Electric hand held sander & polisher comes with a special designed  (spec. 33086) 1/2-hp Baldor (open- air induce) 220-volt, 1-phase, 50-Hertz 10,000rpm motor.

Machine has a reinforced welded aluminum frame for light weight, and comes with ball bearing HP722B style double shoulder rollers, and HP72121E bracket assembly with inlet spacers.  Also comes with belt guards and operates abrasive belts 3/4" to 1-1/4" wide and belts lengths of 60"long. This is a standard machine for machine shop, motor rebuilding, hydraulic rebuilders and motor repair shops. 

  • Item #: MD60hp/1"br/220v
  • Condition: New

MD60HP/1"BR/220V Electric Hand Polisher (220-Volt )

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