AP60HP/2DR Air Operated Hand Polisher With 2" Rollers
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Part No. AP60HP/2DR Air operated hand held sanding and polisher comes with 5/8-hp rated air motor 11,000RPM (No Load). Machine has a reinforced welded aluminum frame for light weight operation, and comes with high speed needle brearing shoulder rollers. Machine also comes with new HP72121E bracket assemble with inlet spacers. Its has a on and off push button air switch and swivel air outlet. This is a standard machine for machine shop, motor rebuilding, hydraulic rebuilders and motor repair shops. This machine is used in areas with a lot of dust or plating material that would wreak a electrical motor. Operates abrasive and polishing belts 1-1/4" thru 1-3/4" wide, and 60" in length. Comes with mn722d style outside rollers.

  • Item #: AP60HP/2DR
  • Condition: New

AP60HP/2DR Air Operated Hand Polisher With 2" Rollers

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